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With real-time data transferintelligence into your affiliate with Digimors personalised marketing and gamification solution. Boost engagement.



We Follow Our Work Process



Compatibility analysis of the requested system and the provider panel to be integrated



Requesting an authorized back office panel for an integrated system



Installation and Testing process



How to use the system, transfer documentation with video or pdf and get the system online


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Included with...
  • Intermediate Panel
  • Call Center Panel
  • Sms Panel
  • Mailling Panel
  • SEO Service
  • Auto Wheel of Fortune
  • Gift Draw System
  • Event Promotion Code Panel
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Affiliate Software

A system where your marketing resources are tracked and detailed instant data is processed for your earning partners.

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Automatic Bonus Software

Lighten the load of your staff,Increase your customer satisfaction with faster and error-free transactions.

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CRM Bonus Reporting

View the return statistics of the campaigns you have created with practical and easy use.

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Risk Panel

Take control of your customer portfolio, multiple users, view your members who provide unfair competition and profit with certain methods.

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Custom software services

We develop software that suits your needs.Have you an idea?.

Do you want to adapt this to software?

We develop your idea together and adapt it to the software

Customer analysis

Objectively exceptional via customized intellectual.

Real time metrics

Interactively integrate extensible directed developer.


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